Finding a Good Family Law Solicitor in London


If you are dealing with divorce, separation or custody matters and looking for a Family Law solicitor in London to assist you, prices normally start around £210 per hour and up. For big central London law firms, it is not unusual to see fees commencing at £450 per hour. Your divorce costs can therefore easily get into the £1000’S by the time you are in court. The areas and legal needs a divorce specialist normally covers are adoption, child abduction, emergency orders, divorce and separation, financial matters, pre-nuptials agreements as well as cohabitation and unmarried couples’ break up issues. Whatever the issue is they are likely to have dealt with it before.

A Family Law solicitor in London often offers 30 min free consultations and usually specialize in one or more of the listed areas and therefore be able to offer in depth knowledge and guidance. For most people, the family is the centre of their world. It is therefore natural that when conflict arises, or significant changes occur within the family dynamics, strong emotions come along to cause much distress and unanswered questions. One would expect that a divorce specialist is equipped to offer certainty and reassurance and to show you how to move forward in the best possible way so that you and your dependents can feel secure again and taken care of. Family law consists of many aspects. You may be at the beginning of a relationship wanting to safeguard your future, or your relationship has come to an end with wanting to protect your assets along with custodial matters of your children. In any case you will need to seek the help of family law solicitors in UK who know how to apply the English law to your specific scenario. Although divorce is the only way to end your marriage it does not necessarily mean you have to go to court. A family law solicitor in London should be able to advise you on the best mediators and to offer alternative more creative solutions allowing for a harmonious outcome.

However, anyone that is involved in court proceedings in England and Wales have the right to represent themselves. You do not need to instruct a Family Law Solicitor or Barrister to act on your behalf. If such is your choice you are a ‘Litigant in Person’. As a ‘LiP’ you are entitled to have alternative support in court. You can instruct a McKenzie Friend to accompany you at a hearing. The expertise and experience can be very similar to the services provided by a Family Law Solicitor in London but at much more affordable rates. Same as a legally qualified solicitor McKenzie friends can improve a litigant’s access to justice especially when the other side is represented. However, a hybrid approach to family law litigation is possible. One can for instance work with both a Family solicitor as well as a McKenzie friend at the same time. Some matters might be more emotional than law concerned, and the latter can help you reach clarity through listening or talking with you.