We are not family law solicitors.
Ice breaking and turning round battleships is what we do on a daily basis
Anita Johnson, Founder

We are not solicitors

We provide guidance, support and experience as opposed to only legal advice and therefore we will not be responsible for any adverse decisions in your case resulting from our support or documents that we have helped you prepare, or guidance we have given to you. If you require advice as to the legal merits of your application or on what to say in statements or applications, you should consult a solicitor, one that is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation. We can help you with the solicitor selection and communicate with them on your behalf.

Our working hours may include some evenings and weekends. A client would need to make themselves available at these times so we can get the necessary background and update on their case.

We would work in partnership preparing for court, mediation, or a resolution through written communication with the other party.

All fees are payable ahead of any instructed case work or coaching session.

Any cancelled sessions can be re-scheduled within 14 days but not refunded.

Kind Regards,

The CourtTogether Team

"I instructed CourtTogether to draft documents for the final hearing on financial matters during my divorce. They helped me clear my mind of emotions, think practically and organise my statements and documents more clearly so it was easy for the judges to digest the information. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for additional support that normal solicitors cannot provide."
K Singhi
"I employed CourtTogether to deal with a difficult and complicated UK child relocation case. I found Anita to be diligent and tenacious providing clear and concise advice to an emotionally charged situation. Court Together is different to main stream legal advice in that you receive both legal and emotional support, both of which were gratefully received. Thank you for all your help I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone."
R Shaw

Personal services crafted specifically for you

When it comes needing a calming hand, we’re experts in offering help in most family law matters.

Divorce does not merely end a marriage, there is some serious collateral damage. It also affects your children, your personal well-being, your finances, your friendships and so on.

A problem shared, is a problem halved