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Supporting you through Divorce & Separation

Our services provide instrumental support and guidance through challenging times.
Ice breaking and turning round battleships is what we do on a daily basis
Anita Johnson, Founder

How a McKenzie Friend or Paralegal can help you through the divorce process

When it feels like your world is falling apart and you are about to embark on a daunting legal process, our divorce services are here to provide instrumental support and guidance.

CourtTogether was created to provide emotional and legal support to litigants in their most challenging times. We do the handholding, the thinking, and the explaining, so you feel in charge and empowered.

Divorce is a highly stressful experience, especially when you consider the divorce itself, the impact on your children, and the financial pressure. You must be fully prepared for each stage of the process and understand the steps.

When dealing with qualified family solicitors alone, costs can quickly escalate. In my case, this came to over £80k (read more).

The process can be complex, emotional, and cruel if your approach is not carefully planned and thought out.

Our ‘Better Not Bitter’ divorce coaching, alongside the case management, is a unique transformational mindset that will help better prepare you to tell your story in court. We will guide you and advise on the potential outcomes by fully understanding your case and providing a personal approach to achieve the right outcome. This emotional support is something CourtTogether prides itself on. You do not get that level of personal advocacy from most regular high-street solicitors. We fight your corner. We are the ‘Erin Brockovich’s’ of the divorce trade.

As a trusted McKenzie Friend, we offer an affordable end-to-end divorce support service (in addition to one off-court assistance) to help you to emerge ‘better not bitter’ and able to move on with your life.

Success Stories

Our success is your success. Check out some of our latest stories. Then come and talk to us about your own situation.

Our Values

Our unique ethos is to deliver a personable service where you feel understood and know every step of your divorce proceedings.

We translate the legal jargon into easy-to-grasp terms.

With us, you are not alone or legally on a limb because we have already walked this path many times before you.

Personal services crafted specifically for you

It is extremely important that you understand what to include in court documents such as witness and position statements or how to build your skeleton arguments.

Divorce does not merely end a marriage, there is some serious collateral damage. It also affects your children, your personal well-being, your finances, your friendships and so on.

"I employed CourtTogether to deal with a difficult and complicated UK child relocation case. I found Anita to be diligent and tenacious providing clear and concise advice to an emotionally charged situation. Court Together is different to main stream legal advice in that you receive both legal and emotional support, both of which were gratefully received. Thank you for all your help I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone."
R Shaw
"Highly recommended service by CourtTogether. I used them on my court documents and attendance in court. I will definitely use them again if I need them in the future."
J Delfino

Who we are working with

Direct Access Barristers

You can be a Litigant in Person and still use a direct access barrister for your hearings. We help you with the selection process and the briefing.

Financial Advisers

Financial planning is often part of the divorce process. Choosing a safe pair of hands in a time of uncertainty is crucial to life after divorce. We help you get your financial paperwork ready for discussion.

Private Investigators

If you need to go down this route, we ensure that you select the right provider. They need to be accountable to a professional body (ABI), data protected and deliver methods that are clear, compliant, and meeting the client’s expectations.

Maybe you?

We are always on the look- out for valuable partners who can assist Litigants in Person in getting the best out of their divorce.

Contact us today to discuss a strategic partnership!

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