Anita Johnson

It's not often we get to talk about ourselves. Here's a little something to break the ice.
Ice breaking and turning round battleships is what we do on a daily basis
Anita Johnson, Founder

My story

“I want to use my own horrendous experience to help others.”

My own experience of the family law courts began 20 years ago when I found myself in the middle of a very acrimonious divorce. I was a new mum with two small children and thrown into a world totally unknown to me. I was scared, lonely and desperate going from solicitor to solicitor ending up paying a vast amount of money for a poor result (over £80,000 in fact). After ongoing disputes, further court hearings and without the funds to challenge my ex-husband post decree absolute, I had no other choice but to represent myself. I became a Litigant in Person. That was my journey into the legal system.

Today I am better, not bitter, just thankful for the lessons those horrific years taught me. I want to use my experience to help others, men and women, who are in the same vulnerable position. At CourtTogether we not only advise those who find themselves battling the monster of divorce and custodial matters. We know the panic, the fear, and the loneliness it entails. We are here are to explain, make you understand and better prepare you for what lies ahead.

With the help of carefully selected barristers, mediators and financial advisers, we have helped numerous private clients navigate their case through the complex and daunting maze of the UK’s Family Law legal system.

With us you are not alone. We do it together. We find a better way. Divorce coaching has become an integral part of what we deliver so you can feel whole again. There is a new life after divorce. We see it as our duty to ensure you come out of it as a better version of yourself so you can move on and learn how to live a happier life. Bitter is not an option; you are a survivor.

Do get in touch, just talking to someone who understands your situation can really help.

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I can guarantee you’ll be in good hands.

Anita Johnson,
Founder CourtTogether

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Personal services crafted specifically for you

It is extremely important that you understand what to include in court documents such as witness and position statements or how to build your skeleton arguments.

Divorce does not merely end a marriage, there is some serious collateral damage. It also affects your children, your personal well-being, your finances, your friendships and so on.

"With CT I finally felt both heard and understood. Having experience domestic violence in my marriage, followed by numerous court cases relating to Child Arrangement order for my son, it was a game changer for me to feel believed. Not only did CT do my legal documents, but more importantly they showed compassion and empathy with my situation. With CT I felt they knew their stuff and I did not have to worry. Their attention to the details of my case was impressive. We became a team, so I felt we were doing it together. Through litigation guidance and coaching I found my confidence and voice again."
J Delfino

Some reasons why you should choose to work with us

#1 Personal Experience

We have been in your shoes.

#2 Professional Knowledge

We are experienced with the Family Courts system.

#3 More Cost Effective

Talking with us cost less and we give you more time.

#4 Moral Support & Coaching

We offer a service that suits you. If you are in crisis and need to talk, we are ready to listen.

#5 Effective Case Papers Support

We show you how to draft your documents as well as understand the legal jargon.

#6 Strategic Planning & Case Management

We turn your emotions into objective strategies with manageable timelines.

A problem shared, is a problem halved