Family Lawyers or McKenzie Friends?


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The court process can be stressful and emotional. Court hearings are often traumatic for people going through divorce. Hiring family lawyers can help but they can can be very costly. Especially when your case is complicated and time consuming.

Representing yourself can leave you feeling anxious. You might not understand the law or find it difficult to navigate. Having somebody there to help and encourage you through the entire process makes a tremendous difference.

It is important to understand that there are alternatives to family lawyers. Other people can offer emotional support and advice. These people offer the experience you needed for a better court experience. They are called McKenzie Friends.

What is the difference between family lawyers and a McKenzie Friends?

McKenzie friends can be anybody from any kind of background. They are usually:

  • Family members or friends who provide moral support in court and do not charge a fee.
  • They can also be voluntary helpers, part of institutions or charities, and will typically not charge for their help.
  • There are also fee-charging McKenzie Friends. These are usually the most helpful because they will usually have some speciality in different legal areas (such as family law) and can support you throughout the court proceedings. In addition to giving, you that essential emotional support.

But why would I want a fee-charging McKenzie Friend? If I am going to pay, indeed, I should pay family lawyers?

Indeed, family lawyers will have advanced knowledge of family law matters. However, they can be overwhelmingly expensive, and McKenzie Friends can have that same specialist knowledge whilst being much more affordable. At CourtTogether, we are a fee-charging McKenzie Friends service. We have specialist family law knowledge. More importantly, we are at a fraction of the price compared to family lawyers. We provide moral support, assist with the case papers, and give you tailored personal advice.

In fact, like family lawyers, we improve access to justice by providing valuable support for litigants in person (which are people who represent themselves in court). We can also help you separate emotion from facts by showing you how to present issues objectively.

CourtTogether can be your affordable solution – We are your trusted McKenzie Friend & Divorce Coach!

We understand that hiring family lawyers can be expensive. Attending court alone is a daunting experience, especially for those who have not been to court before. Litigants-in-person needs to feel encouraged and have someone who has been in the situation before, to sit with them, help them, and reassure them.

At CourtTogether, we understand all of that. We are an experienced team of professionals who work with you to meet your needs and expectations. We want to coach you through the court process and empower you to understand the proceedings. Our fees are at the margin of the cost of family lawyers. You are investing in a professional service from start to finish. We believe in genuine care and empathic guidance. We already have invaluable personal and professional experience with the divorce courts. It puts us in a special position to know exactly what you are feeling throughout the process. We also know what the courts are expecting of you at any stage. Divorce proceedings are an emotional roller coaster. With CourtTogether you can feel safe.

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