Divorce Solicitors are not the only option to untying the knot


Divorce is often associated with expensive divorce solicitors. However, people representing themselves in court is an increasing trend. It is destined to be filled with many tough decisions regardless of whether it is an amicable break-up or not.

Indeed, there are clear benefits to using divorce solicitors. They are experienced in dealing with complex issues that arise. They understand childcare schedules, property, and asset division. However, divorce solicitors are costly. There more complicated the case, the higher the costs.

Acting as your own divorce solicitor may leave you with less confidence. It is a complicated process to manage on your own. Moreover, it is always better to have somebody in your corner. Somebody who will back you. Who, then, can you use instead of divorce solicitors?

The Alternative – A trusted McKenzie Friend

McKenzie Friends do not represent you in the same way as divorce solicitors. They cannot speak to the court on your behalf. You stand up and present your case with their support. Nonetheless, they can help you prepare for court emotionally and help you understand the process. They can assist with the paperwork, take notes, quietly give advice in court, and support you in meaningful negotiations with lawyers. They can also:

  • Support you in the development of a positive mindset.
  • Provide you with an impartial analysis of how your case may develop.
  • Help you develop and articulate your short term and long term aims; and
  • Help you respond to the fast-moving court processes.

CourtTogether as your Divorce Partner

We are not divorce solicitors but equally specialise in the field of divorce. Integrity and empathy are at the core of our service. We engage in the necessary work avoiding throwing ‘fuel on the fire.’ Mistrust between divorcing parties only increases acrimony. Financial gain is not our prime objective. Giving you a satisfactory outcome is.

We offer advice based on experience from family law proceedings. Our knowledge helps you in preparing for the various stages of that process.

Such as divorce solicitors. We have extensive knowledge of family law. We have assisted in complex cases and understand the importance of property, assets, and children.

CourtTogether goes beyond the role of a McKenzie Friend. We are coaches as well as Family Law advisers. Your last day in court is not the end of your journey. Life after divorce is equally scary. However, this is your chance to start over. We help you form new habits, hobbies, and a healthy mind. We want you to be the best version of yourself.

You do not necessarily need divorce solicitors in Family Court. Discover how CourtTogether can offer a supportive or alternative solution.

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